People at TSE

Passion in collaboration and for what we do.

Togetherness at TSE arises from personality, versatility, diversity and competence. We are united by our passion for events. For over 25 years. Some of us have been with the company since the beginning, some are just entering the industry.
We are modest and vain, competent and curious.

Lenny Jaezosch

Rebecca Bajerowitz

Ariane Dunkel

Robert Steinmetz

Stefan Müller

Lenny Jaezosch

Sven Meyhoefer

Frederic Franz

Claudio Neumann

Ronny Reinhold

Linda Eick

Stephanie Grönnert

Lars Urberg

Marc Blum

Lars Urberg

Angela Grunwald

Andreas Müller

Maike Dudda

Jens Neumann

Marcel Fery

and many more!