People at TSE

Passion in collaboration and for what we do – TSE team.

Togetherness at TSE arises from personality, versatility, diversity and competence. We are united by our passion for events. For over 25 years. Some of us have been with the company since the beginning, some are just entering the industry.
We are modest and vain, competent and curious. Join the TSE-team.

Carlos Cebrián Ruiz

Peter Weinert

Linda Eick

Manfred Hoffmann

Kerstin Krüger

Oliver von Prondzinsky

Jannik Glöckner

Hanna Shevchenko

Lukas Avemarg

Maeva Ngondi

Enrico Tobinski

Paul Köppen

Kerstin Krüger

Johann Wilke

Jan Otersen

Rebecca Bajerowitz

Dennis Landsmann

Andreas Müller

Stephan Zebisch

Andreas Tietz

and many more!