Teams with respect and fun
Years of experience
In Berlin. In Germany. International
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Quality and Environmental Management
Office / Warehouse space
Technology from the best manufacturers
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Teams with respect and fun

years of experience
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In Berlin. In Germany. Internationally

Years of sustainability

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, quality and environmental management

Office/storage space
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Technology from the best manufacturers

What makes us tse

Our passion

The people. The technology. The company.

With over 25 years of experience, we see the LiveCom industry in constant evolution. We know how we started: Club gigs, tours and always a lot of fun. We became mothers and fathers, trained people, staged countless events and made sure to feel what it’s all about. People operate technology, technology makes productions tangible – with the highest standards. And we know how to constantly prove and develop this quality. That’s what makes us TSE.

Hearing is a unique feeling. Sound technology is more than sound. We love quiet or powerful, differentiated and always exactly where it should work. With technology from the best suppliers

Light is mood. Lighting technology makes more than visible. We also love it dark or glamorous, color plays and every lumen in the right place. With technology from the best suppliers

Video projection creates movement. Movement strengthens emotion and message. Our job is to guide millions of pixels in harmony with sound and light. With all components from camera, server to projection.

The stage is more than just the platform. Our set construction creates the framework for the production. Sometimes unusual, but always with safety in mind.

Conferences are intense. Conference technology is communication. Reliable and as an experience, hybrid - on-site and everywhere. For the diversity of language, the message and understanding.

Rigging connects all elements and allows the technology to fly with ease. With safety and with regular quality testing.
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