Our passion

The people. The technology. The company. The fun.

We feel passion for what we do every day. This is what makes us TSE. We love to have fun. For us, it stands for safe, personal, pleasant, noticeable, meaningful
– in every job and above all in our togetherness! YOU!

What makes us TSE

Our passion

The people. The technology. The company.

With over 25 years of experience, we have seen the LiveCom industry in constant evolution. We know how we started: club gigs, tours, and always a lot of fun. We have become mothers and fathers, trained people, staged countless events, and always made sure to understand what it’s all about. People operate technology, technology makes productions tangible – with the highest standards. And we know how to consistently prove and expand this quality. This is what makes us TSE.

Teams with passion

The LiveCom industry has many faces. We are over 150 different characters together, from apprentices to executives. We think this is great! We are family-friendly, diverse, respectful, and fair. This provides the perfect environment for a good performance and passion for the matter.

Competent planning

At this point, we could talk about anything related to our years of planning expertise. We could. But it’s better for both our team and our clients to know that we do it every single day. For us, what matters most is reliability, fair pricing and safety for guests, clients and our on-site teams, whether we have a plan or not.

Premium technology

At TSE, we all love the finest technology. Every speaker, every lighting system, and all components that are securely put in place are on the wish list of our teams who enjoy holding the latest technology in their hands. We meticulously test everything down to the smallest detail every day. This is our declaration of love to our technology.

Proven quality management

Safety is always our top priority. We work with a lot of electricity, heavy equipment, and other potential hazards. That’s why we have established clear and structured processes for our daily tasks as part of our quality management. Our goal is to provide safe performance every day and night, so you can feel confident in what we do. And we can do it!


Even the event industry is becoming sustainable. Of course, this involves more than achieving carbon-neutral processes. It’s about fairness, quality of life, transparent supply chains, green technology, and safety. And we are a confident part of this development. That’s why we take action and always give a little extra.

Implementation with the “feel, it happens” effect.

“Feeling, It Happens” is more than just technically implementing an event. Our soul is the team. Technology is our passion; our DNA is nourished by countless experiences of thousands of events that we have created together for over 25 years.”