Sport Event

FIBA EuroBasket

Finals in the Mercedes-Benz Arena. A final over nine days!

FIBA has requested TSE to create a sports performance for the Mercedes-Benz Arena that will serve as the flagship event for all of Europe and entertain 651,000 guests. TSE has accepted the challenge and is excited to showcase their expertise in creating a memorable sports experience that will reach every corner of the audience. They take pride in being partnered with Berlin’s sports metropolis and beyond because they share the same passion for sports. The team believes in their ability to create an immersive experience that will be felt by every individual in the audience. TSE has a deep love for sports and a strong understanding of how to deliver an unforgettable event that is truly felt from head to toe.

Füchse Berlin

Date: Season 2022

Location: MSH Berlin

Audience: Up to 7500

TSE team size: 5

Technology: Effect lighting for the games

Special feature: We are a long-term partner and supporter of Füchse Berlin. The game is thrilling and our effect lighting enhances the excitement.

Eisbären Berlin

Location: Mercedes-Benz Arena

Date: Season 2022

Number of spectators:
7,000 Team size: 10

Technology: Lighting

The Eisbären Berlin have been playing their home games at the Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin since the 2008/09 season, presenting themselves to a large audience.

Snooker German Masters

Location: Tempodrom Berlin

Date: January 26 – January 30, 2022

Number of spectators: 6,500

Team size: 15

Technology: TV-quality lighting and sound.

The top snooker players visited the Tempodrom in Berlin. After two qualifying rounds, the remaining 32 players are vying to win the Brandon Parker trophy.