Rock & Pop

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The Waldbühne is boiling with 22,000 fans.

If there is anyone who can turn the Waldbühne into both a club atmosphere and a festival, it’s Nick Cave with his Bad Seeds, with us from TSE. Of course, we are happy to assist any other artist because we always give more. Our DNA is the club, and our passion starts with the ambitions of the artists. We have everything from folk music to doom metal, techno to pop. From the CEO to the apprentice, we share a passion for the sound of our time. Always with heart and soul and with everything that goes with it. Full service or, in Berlin speak: let’s do this!

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Bushido Tour 2024

Location: 14 shows throughout Germany

Date: March and April 2024

Number of spectators: over 100,000

TSE implements the big Bushido tour.

With 14 shows across Germany and over 100,000 spectators, one thing is clear: Bushido is still the king of gangster rap.

TSE was the overall technical service provider for the entire tour, with design, content, programming and as operator.
Transparent LED walls, four LED pods on C1 trains, crew of 30 people from TSE.


Paul Kalkbrenner

Fritz Kalkbrenner

Venue: Verti Music Hall

Date: 09 December 2023

Number of spectators: 3,500

Fritz Kalkbrenner is one of the most internationally recognised and successful German DJs and producers. With his unmistakable sound of house, techno and soul, he has conquered the dance floors of the world.

TSE brought the Music Hall to the boil with a big sound and a huge light show.

Corey Tailor

Corey Taylor

Venue: Verti Music Hall

Date: 22 November 2023

Number of spectators: 3,000 pax

The US musician is best known as the lead singer of the metal band Slipknot, but also released his first solo album in 2020. His second solo project “CMF2” will be released on 15 September 2023, with which he will be touring Europe.

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The Who

Venue: Waldbühne

Date: 20 June 2023

Number of spectators: 18,000

“The Who” is not considered one of the most important British rock bands of the 60s and 70s for nothing. On 20 June, they showed that they are still going strong and rocked the Waldbühne stage at full throttle.

Live concerts are TSE’s DNA! The louder, bigger and more bombastic, the better. We offer everything a good concert needs: from specialist planning with load assumptions, stage construction and CAD planning to technical tour management. And of course we also have the most important thing: lots of light and sound.

Rock and Pop TSE


Venue: Verti Music Hall Berlin

Date: 08 October 2022

Number of spectators: 4,500

The Korean-American artist also paid a visit to Berlin on her big European tour, where she was celebrated frenetically by her many fans. With hits such as “Gucci”, “Down” and “Zoom”, she has long since made a name for herself beyond the borders of South Korea.

For the Jessi concert, TSE once again pulled out all the stops: in addition to a powerful sound system for the stage, there was top-quality sound technology for the entire hall.

There was also an elaborate light show with appropriate lighting technology and large LED walls.

Korn concert

Location: Verti Music Hall Berlin

Date: June 1, 2022

Number of viewers: 4,500

Team size: 20

Technology: Sound and lighting

On June 1, 2022, one of the most successful nu-metal bands, Korn, will be performing at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin. Fans can look forward to an evening of hits such as “Freak On A Leash,” “Cold,” or “You’ll Never Find Me.”

Lorde concert

Location: Verti Music Hall Berlin

Date: June 23, 2022

Number of spectators: 4,500

Team size: 20

Technology: Sound, lighting and rigging

Lorde played one of her three Germany concerts on June 23, 2022 as part of “The Solar Power” tour at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin.


Location: Verti Music Hall Berlin ‧ Mercedes-Platz 2, 10243 Berlin ‧

Date: October 8th, 2022.

Audience capacity: 4,500.

Team size: 30.

Technology: Sound system, lighting, LED walls.

Korean-American rapper Jessi will be performing at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin on October 8th, 2022. With hits such as “Gucci,” “Down,” and “Zoom,” Jessi has earned her deserved place in South Korea’s hip-hop world. Now on tour, the artist is making a stop in Berlin.