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With 150 experts, we offer a complete range of services for events of all types and sizes.

Implementation of stage directions

Every event requires the precise execution of stage directions. We know how to create the optimal conditions through intelligent planning. And we do it with safety!

Planning the technical specifications while taking into account the anticipated load.

With our professional planning, we ensure operational safety right from the beginning. We translate the stage instructions into feasible constructions for set building, sound, lighting, and projection. Our team consists of clever minds, always keeping a watchful eye on budget, timing and safety.

CAD planning

We ensure the precise specifications for technical requirements and space design using the latest CAD technology. The result is an efficient demand for material, time, and personnel. Planning is done at the highest level.

Light and audio design

Even without stage instructions, our technical team develops designs. They are creative, but also pragmatic - because we know how to use sound and lighting to create a "feeling, it's happening". With the finest technology.


With modern tools and our experience, we optimize sightlines, lighting design, projection, and acoustics for every location and every position. From the stage to the audience area and all the way to the entrance.

Technical tour management.

Tours require that stage design, sound and lighting, as well as projection and show effects, are experienced with the same quality at all locations. We have been doing this for decades. With a trained crew and logistics, which reliably bring every show size to "feel it's happening" with a dependable tour plan. Everywhere.

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Benefit from our experience, expertise, and passion for exceptional events.

Quality & Safety
As an ISO-certified company, we are committed to the highest quality and safety standards in all areas of our services. You can rely on us to ensure the success of your event with the utmost care and professionalism.

Our Team
Our team of more than 150 experienced event managers, technicians, designers, and consultants is ready to bring your vision to life. We have the necessary expertise and passion for events to make your event a success.

Experience & Know-how
With over 25 years of experience in the event industry, we have successfully organized numerous events for agencies and companies from various industries. Our long-standing expertise allows us to master the challenges of every event and achieve outstanding results for you.

Successful events, satisfied customers.

Streaming Studio für die Basketball WM 2021

SKP 2022

Location Stadthaus Berlin Bärensaal

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Streaming Studio für die Basketball WM 2021

SKP 2022

Location Stadthaus Berlin Bärensaal

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