TSE with new outdoor LED technology

We keep pace with the latest technical developments and invest in modern 3.9mm outdoor LED modules with integrated flip-shield edge protection. The Unilumin URMIII-03 blackface modules can be connected quickly and securely in three easy steps and can be installed by a single person thanks to the click lock. They can be used for large video walls as well as numerous creative installations. Frames measuring 50x50cm and 50x100cm are available for this purpose. Concave and convex curved constructions can also be implemented effortlessly. We offer the right accessories for every application – from LED controllers to stacking systems and suspensions. The Unilumin URMIII-03 blackface LED modules are available immediately.

ITB 2024 - TSE creates wanderlust at the opening gala

The official opening gala of the International Tourism Exchange 2024 took place exclusively for invited guests in the CityCube Berlin on March 4 from 6 pm. The glamorous event on the evening before the first day of the trade fair was attended by around 3,000 people. Spectacular images from the official ITB guest country Oman created an impressive effect on a concave LED panorama screen measuring an impressive 105 x 8 meters (W x H). In keeping with the self-illuminating XXL backdrop, a first-class sound experience was created using d&b Soundscape in a 180-degree system configuration.
ITB Eröffnungsgala TSE
TSE Nachhaltigkeit

TSE is taking another significant step towards sustainability.

Since December 2023, TSE has been supplied with clean electricity by a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system with a capacity of 110 kwp. The use of first-class components from SolarEdge ensures clean energy generation. This enables us to generate almost three quarters of our energy needs ourselves. Self-sufficiency not only contributes to our independence from conventional energy sources, but also emphasizes our commitment to environmentally friendly practices and sustainable business. By using modern technologies, TSE is sending out a clear signal of responsibility towards the environment and demonstrating that sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. At TSE, we are actively pursuing a sustainable future.

First league of ALBA ladies with first league technology. TSE is partner of the ALBA ladies team!

Here we go: The ALBA women’s team will be promoted to the first Bundesliga in the 2022/2023 season. We’re getting in on the action with our heads and technology and a lot of heart. The premiere was in December at our own venue: the Charlottenburg Sömmeringhalle in front of 1,500 guests. And so that everyone, on site and via streaming, feels it’s happening, we give everything that modern sporting events need at every home game in the league, in the cup or just as a friendly match. Above all, a sports-mad team that cheers along with its heart and makes the hall shake.

IGW goes live again in 2023. TSE is there!

After years of abstinence due to the pandemic, the International Green Week will blossom in well-known splendor in the Berlin exhibition halls at the end of January 2023. As a trade fair partner, we at TSE will be there and will be responsible for the BMWi presence and its congresses, as well as much more. Every trade fair is different, the IGW especially. Because when it comes to nature, food and above all a lot of green future, it takes a smart team and the finest presentation technology. With over 90 heads and several tons of technology, we are on site long before the first day of the fair. And if anything extra is needed during the opening days, we’ll get it quickly. “Janz normal”, we say in Berlin. And at every trade fair.

Certified until 2026 ✅

At the end of 2022, it was that time again. We came under the magnifying glass according to ISO 9001 and 14001 in a four-day on-site audit. To put it better: customer satisfaction, safety, efficiency, processes and up-to-date environmental management were recertified. Behind this is a quality management system that prescribes internationally uniformly transparent processes, which we have always considered important for our work culture and customer relations. That’s why we do it every three years. And this time it went “cream” again, as they say in Berlin. If there were a rating, it would be “without complaint”. That is thanks to the entire TSE staff. Check! happens, we give everything that modern sporting events need at every home game in the league, in the cup or just as a friendly match. First and foremost, a sports-minded team with their hearts in it and who make the hall shake.